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Here’re some nice reviews for the new record. They’re over at Fluid Radio and The Steinberg Principle.

The New Record is Here!

The new record is finally ready to go. You can download it at itunes, emusic, or go to our label’s page to get a double-lp, cd, or mp3 download.

the wake (digi-single)

First single off of the upcoming record! The records are almost pressed, the CDs are done.

Click on the pic to download or stream.

Silber Records Compilation

We’re featured on a brand-new compilation from NC record label Silber Records. It’s a collection of short pieces from a ton of cool artists. Stream it or download it for free.

In the end, time is the master of all things. So how do we fill it? “Silber Presents: 30 Seconds of Time” illustrates 46 ways to fill half a minute, to break it up, give it fluence, assign weight, distribute emphasis, focus, forget, assault, nurse, desperately grasp & marinate with a disabused strip mall rendition of unglued squelching cultural fault lines assembled as one release in which all tracks can be downloaded as ringtones so you can have a constant reminder of your favorite method of time travel – musical memory. As no surprise, the concept breeds a schizoid listening experience ranging from odd textural crops, a capella love songs, post apocalyptic drones, meandering guitars, musique concrète & on & on. The list of musical types is almost as long as the list of tracks. With over 20 different musicians & bands including Moodring, Zanzibar Snails, Irata, Remora, Rollerball, Yellow6, Fires Were Shot, a solid representation of the 919 Noise clan, loads of new faces on the Silber pallet, many from our foundations & a few new bands with familiar faces. There’s something for anyone & nothing for everyone, all at once. As always thank you for your interest & support & please help spread the word.

awakened by a lonely feud

We’re proud to announce that Austin’s Quiet Design Records will release our new recording, awakened by a lonely feud, in November. The 11-song, 56-minute collection will be available on compact disc and a beautiful 150-gram double-vinyl set. Here’s a peek at the cover:

You can hear a preview on the MEDIA page.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info about the new record . . .

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